practice areas


Family Law Attorney

We handle all cases involving Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation, Nullity, Custody, and Support. We also handle the registration and termination of Domestic Partnerships.


Family Law Mediation

Many cases of divorce, custody, support, and division of marital property can be handled through attorney mediation. Use an attorney to mediate family law matters can save the parties money and the emotional cost associated with the litigation divorce process.


Personal Injury Attorney

We handle most types of Personal Injury cases. These cases may include injuries caused by the intentional or negligent act of another.


Construction Defects

We have actual experience using and understanding the various building and fire code requirements for safe and code compliant construction. We handle most types of construction defect cases involving both residential and commercial construction.

Business Contracts

We draft, modify, interpret, and litigate the enforceability or unenforceability of business contracts according to California law.

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