Personal Injury

When you are injured and entitled to compensation, a personal injury attorney is a professional who you will need on your side. The Law Office of Randy D. Roxson, P.C. is a personal injury law firm serving client needs in Lodi, Stockton, Galt and Sacramento, California and San Joaquin and Sacramento Counties.  We handle nearly all types of personal injury cases, ranging from products liability, premises liability, automobile and trucking accidents, fire losses, and both negligent and intentional acts caused by another. We understand that injuries can create a difficult situation, complete with intense physical pain, and loss of income, or emotional distress.  In our role as your personal injury lawyer, we fight to make sure the clients of our personal injury firm receive the compensation they deserve.

When contacted regarding a case, we will perform a full investigation of the incident and contract the necessary specialists to provide expert testimony for cases that reach the level of a legal proceeding. Clients can trust that we will do everything possible within the limits of the law to make sure that the full extent of the injury is documented and demonstrated to a jury, judge, or mediator, depending on the specific situation. In asking for compensation, we go beyond the immediate problem and visualize how the injury could present issues later in the client’s life.

A personal injury is often more than what it appears. In addition to the initial pain and suffering, a person may be faced with mounting medical bills, and increasing amounts of stress that take a mental and emotional toll. Our belief as a personal injury law firm in the Northern California area is that all of these are aspects of the injury and should be considered as a part of the entire issue. In representing our clients, we strive to make sure that the compensation fits the impact that an injury will have on a person’s life. Motor vehicle accidents, fire loss, and premises liability cases are only a few of the situations that we are prepared to handle for our clients.